Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Morning Workouts & Pumpkin Ale

Why does working out first thing in the morning feel so good?!

It's definitely a pain to wake up to a blaring alarm before 6am, when it's still dark out and the bed just seems extra comfy, but once I'm up and out of bed I feel fine. On the two minute drive to the gym I suck down either a Monster Zero or black coffee and by the time I get to the gym I'm energized and ready to go! Today I did back, a little ab work and a thirty minute interval walk on the treadmill.

A couple things help make an early morning workout doable. First, preparing the night before. Last night I laid out my workout outfit so this morning I didn't have to scramble through my drawers (I don't know about you, but for me, this process takes an ungodly LONG time!!! NO IDEA WHY). On my counter I laid out my house & car keys, morning vitamins, bottle of water, iPod and workout journal. After I got dressed all I had to do was grab my little pile of things in one quick reach and I was off!

My back workout looked like this:

4 minute warmup on hand bike

3 sets, 20 reps:
Lat Pulldown
Bent over Row
Hammer Strength Row

4 sets, 12 reps:
DB one arm row
1 arm seated pull
Rope Cable high pull (no idea what to call this exercise...hook the 2 headed rope up to the top of the cable and pull using your back/rear delts to bring it to your face)

Finished off with body weight pull ups and chin ups to failure

Then I did a few random ab moves and went over to the treadmill where I did a fast walk on incline while listening to the Nicki Minaj and Britney Spears stations on Pandora (love).

My sister and her boyfriend were at the gym this morning...which meant lots of stop-and-chats between sets so the weight portion of my workout wasn't as sweaty as it could have been thanks to all the extra rest. However, we had very significant things to haunted houses and my upcoming Halloween party. Clearly, extremely important.

the cutiess

Our conversation reflected the fact that boyfriends seem to despise things like double dates to haunted houses. My sister and I agreed that these outings should be planned as girl trips instead of double dates, seeing as both of our boyfriend's had the same answer to the question, "hey, wana go to that haunted house friday night?"

...that answer being "No. But, if you really want to I'll do it".

 Translation: "I'm a really good boyfriend, and love you sooo much that instead of doing things I like to do I will put myself through the torture of doing these stupid girly activities that for reasons I'll never understand you sooo enjoy.'d be nice if you could maaaayyybeee, just maybe, be a good girlfriend and not make me do this?"

Well, Casey is that good girlfriend and backed out of the haunted house for her man.
whereas I make Dan do stuff like this...

But, Halloween is my FAVORITE holiday, I never made it to a haunted house last year and I'm determined to do something festive this week. Preferable including a trip to a haunted house. Friday night. With Dan.

It'd be super awesome if candy corn can somehow, someway be incorporated into this weekend.

And apple picking.

And pumpkin picking...

And if we're coming home with pumpkins, we should probably carve them, right? And toast the seeds..while watching old school horror movies...and drinking that pumpkin beer I impulsively bought yesterday..
can't wait to try this!

See how I plan out this crap in my head? Who the hell am I going to do these things with? Cuz, I haven't said anything about any of this to Dan (except for the haunted house)...and when he asks me what I want to do this weekend, I'll probably say "I don't know, babe..what do you want to do?"

I'm going to challenge myself...when this conversation comes up I'm going to tell him my ideas!!!! (or at least direct him to this post...)

Well, I'm off to start my day which includes finishing the laundry, going to Party City for cute stuff for my party & costumes and some other errands...and class this afternoon (Group Dynamics--actually a pretty fascinating class!).

Side note--my Hair ADD kicked in again and I now have DARK brown (nearly black) hair!
darkkk girl

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