Thursday, September 8, 2011

Back At It!!

My first week of class is officially over!

I loved it!

My classes seem great so far, and I couldn't be happier to be a part of the counseling program!! I can tell that I'm going to learn a lot this semester, and though it will be a lot of work I'm going to enjoy it.

The days I have class are pretty busy, though. Tuesday I woke up at 5am to get to the gym by around 5:20. I got dressed, grabbed my iced coffee from the fridge (it makes life soo much easier when you set the little things up the night before), grabbed my workout journal and off I went.
not too bad for a before-coffee shot
pure joy in a cup
training log
I love working out at the crack of dawn for several reasons-first, Dan is there! He's up waaay before 5am, with a TON of energy--so much energy that he does his own workout at home before the gym even opens. I can bang out  an early workout, but that's pushing it. I also love it because I love the feeling of looking at the clock at 7am and feeling SO accomplished! Gym, shower, hair, makeup, all out of the way before the day even starts! Plus, the gym is nice and calm and quiet at that hour and most of the people who are there are in the group fitness classes...meaning I get all the equipment all to myself! Can't beat that!

After the gym I ate my boring teenie little breakfast and ran off to catch the 8:02 train. I got into the city at around 8:30 and had a couple errands to do before my first class. It was a pain in the butt carrying a giant cooler and gallon jug of water around all day from class to class though. Oh well, only one more week of that! I got home at 8:30pm and was so happy to just snuggle with Dan, take a melatonin and relax for the evening!

Wednesdays are much easier, since I don't have class until 5pm. I did some chores around the house, stopped at Trader Joe's for the usuals and hit the gym for a training session all before class.
much cuter when gymmin it at noon instead of 5am...
It's a busy two days in a row! Its nice to have a semi-long weekend to unwind, go through the readings and then get back into it the following week. The days I'm not in class I do work at the gym for the day so I don't totally have a full day off until the weekend. But my two minute commute from home to work at the gym definitely feels like a break when compared to driving or training into the city!!


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