Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Countdown to Cupcakes

Eleven days to go! I'm so excited and so nervous and most importantly so excited to eat something different! I already have a grocery list about a mile long and cannot wait to go shopping!

I live in the grocery store these days, however, I buy the same exact things every single time I go week after week after week. I'm sorry but there is simply no joy or excitement left in buying spinach and egg whites. As much as I absolutely love these things, picking them up and loading a card with about fifty packages of them has finally become unbearable. Not really, but it's pretty damn boring. You don't realize how exciting it is to go to the grocery store until you've become limited to buying the same five or six things for months!

So basically, every time I see something I want to buy that isn't on my diet I add it to my ever growing "fall grocery list". It's a simple joy that gives me something exciting to look forward to after so much time spent being so restrictive. Everyone asks me what i want to eat when this is over and what kind of food am I looking forward to. Everyone has the SAME expectations, they all think I want to totally binge out on every kind of junk!! I know I'm on a boring diet, but I wasn't eating junk before the diet! So why would I want to eat junk now??? Yea, ok, I got a little out of hand with the wine and dessert on the weekend, but besides that I was my usual health nut self. I was eating a lot of veggies, seafood, protein shakes, tons of egg whites (omelets, hard boiled, etc), greek yogurt, Ezekiel bread, nuts & nut butters and fruit. I rarely indulged during the week and if I did it usually consisted of post dinner snacking on cereals and nut butters.

However, i was looking forward to ONE junky thing at the end of this...a cupcake.
i heart you

UNFORTUNATELY this whole experience has led me to the discovery that I'm severely lactose intolerant. Before the diet my stomach was ALWAYS bothering me!! I was constantly bloated, or achey or nauseous or something. I didn't know where it was coming from. A few years ago I drank a lot of diet soda and put splenda in everything. When I realized that artificial sweeteners were the cause of horrendous stomach pains I cut it ALL out cold turkey. But then my stomach problems returned and I had no idea what caused it. I didn't eat much dairy aside from some Greek yogurt here and there, which bothered my stomach, but so did everything else so I didn't attribute it to lactose intolerance. I didn't realize how many foods actually have trace amounts of dairy in them. For example, every time I went out to dinner I'd get stomach pains. Whenever I ate something I didn't make myself I noticed I had pains. Only when I started my diet did I realize that I only had pains after I drank skim milk with my protein shake and after I ate Greek yogurt. At no other time did I feel it. I started taking a Lactaid pill before each serving of dairy and at first it helped. I still got bloated though I just didn't have the unbearable pain.  Finally I realized why am I doing this? If I have to take a pill before I can eat something, I should not be eating it!! So out went the dairy.

Back to my cupcake.

I realized it wasn't going to happen. Do you know what goes into a cupcake???? Butter. :( A ton of it. Do you know what butter is? Cream. I think. Either way..no cupcake. Or so I thought.

How in the world did I forget about the wonderful, amazing concept of vegan baking?! They don't use dairy!! Luckily for me there is an amazing, very well known vegan bakery right here in the city!! Babycakes!! I cannot wait to walk off that stage and go enjoy a ridiculous little cupcake without taking a pill first and without suffering after.

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