Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Happy Birthday to My Love

Happy Birthday Dan!!!
first birthday cake i made for him-3 years ago!

I love the way our birthdays are-- mine, at the end of June, kicks off the summer and Dan's, at the start of September kicks off the end of the season. Plus, he is a Virgo and I'm a Cancer..a match made in astrological heaven. :)

Since Dan is turning 35 today, here is a list of 35 things I love about him:

1. His honesty

2. His drive

3. His motivation

4. How handsome he is!!!

5. His sense of humor! He's so sarcastic. Every. Single. Day. He makes me laugh...not just a little giggle, every day, at some point, he has me hysterical laughing. I think I take this for granted a lot. He's the only guy I've ever been with who REALLY makes me laugh, that is not easy to find!

6. He has great taste-- from his personal style to food...and women, obviously ;)

7. I LOVE his body!!

8. He is conscious of his diet...he eats really well and healthy-- not your typical fried-food- and- sixpack-of-beer guy

9. He likes wine

10. He's a hotel snob

11. He likes the beach!

12. He's an amazing cook.

13. He treats me like a princess :)

14. He gets along with my family!
even the baby of the family

15. He's SO smart, our conversations are always intriguing and he inspires me to make the most out of my education

16. He proofreads all my papers for me....even if it's just a one paragraph abstract.

17. He's super anal and type-A but for some reason, it's not irritating at all, it's cute :)

18. He looks really cute with a little stubble on his face

19. He dresses well and always look amazing whenever we go out, even if it's just running errands during the day

20. He leaves me random little notes around the apartment

21. He's a great workout buddy

22. He likes to try new things

23. He likes history (this is important because so do I)

24. He's super passionate about his career

25. He always smells incredible

26. I love his smile

27. I love his eyes, too

28.  He's always there to listen to me when i need to vent

29. He's really good at helping me fix my problems

30. He compliments me :)

31. He's always on time!

32. He's reliable

33. He has a positive outlook on life

34. He's loyal

35. He hasn't gotten sick of me and my crazy antics yet!!!!
maybe i drive him a liiiiittle crazy

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