Thursday, September 1, 2011


sixteen days....15 tomorrow. Until my first fitness competition!

i have been training and dieting my heart out since MAY. this is a little under half a year that i have been eating the same. exact. thing. every day for six meals a day. day in and day out.

the training, however, has been amazing!

in the beginning, i loved the diet! it was clean, healthy and light and made me feel really good. i have always been a clean, healthy eater but in all honesty i defintely fell a little off track this past year. over the holidays i indulged literally every chance i got! in february, my sister and i planned a last minute spring break trip to miami. i had exactly two weeks to prepare. i kicked up the cardio and made sure i hit the sac before i cancelled out the day's workout with late night munching (i have a serious problem...). i think i looked good in miami, but i fell right back into that rut and drank almost every night. wine, shots, miami vices, mojitos

my sister.."lil bitch" ;)
 the wine and snacking were out of control. after miami i was still in a kind of spring break-y party mood and hadn't yet gotten over that holiday indulgence bug. every weekend that my boyfriend and i went out to dinner we would split a bottle of wine (plus one or two pre and post dinner drinks for me...) and then on the way home we would stop at 7/11 to pick out an entemenns cake! once we got home we grabbed some forks and went to town on the damn thing. we're good all week, we work out like maniacs and eat light and healthy all week...why cant we have fun on the weekends??

martini hiding in the corner
it was that mentality that led me to 22% body fat in may. now, that's technically not that bad, but for me (i'm pretty hard on myself) that's way, way up there. i like to stay somewhere between 16-19%.

at that point things came together and i decided i was ready to compete. i got my diet and started working with my trainer and got myself back on track! a month later i was down to 12% body fat!! yeah, it happens that fast when you take out all the way too much weekend wine and treats. :(

In the beginning the diet was sooo exciting!! i loved it! i felt SO good to be back on my healthy track and fueling my body with the clean, wholesome, nutrient dense food it deserved. but now, almost five months later...i just can't wait to change it up!

no, i won't be going back to wine and entemenn's, and i don't miss it.

i'm craving variety healthy variety...not so much junk.
when this diet is over, in sixteen days, i can't wait to eat:
  • pumpkin!!! fortunately for me it will be deliciously right in season!
  • warm, gooey, satisfying oatmeal...steel cut, oat bran, any variety....filled with delicious fresh and frozen fruits and cinnamon and nuts
  • bananas 
  • peanut butter....and every other form of nut butter
  • going to go apple picking and devour the whole orchard
could there be a possible reason why everything i'm craving happens to be in the same color family? i see that i'm craving pretty much carbs and fats :) not suprised!

but mostly i can't wait to get back in the kitchen and cook up some delicious new meals and treats for dan and me to enjoy on the weekends. there's nothing i love more than spending a saturday night in with my man, lighting some scented candles, cooking together, sharing stories about our day or whatever, sipping some champagne and hanging out together for the night

plus, all i do is clip recipe after recipe after recipe and stuff them away like a squirrel for when the dieting is over...and after almost five months of this, he's getting a little impatient hah ;)

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