Sunday, September 4, 2011

Back to School!

Today I've been trying to get myself organized and ready to take on the semester. My first day of class is in TWO days!!

I'm excited to start this semester because it's a complete fresh start. Last year I started hard school in a research focused psychology program. I found myself really unhappy in the program because I felt isolated and didn't have much oppurtunity for one on one counseling. I thought research would be a great way to help people by contributing new ideas and information to the field. Of course, that is true, but you miss out on a lot of interpersonal interaction. I realized that my heart and passion lies in one on one counseling and I transferred programs.

I was officially accepted into the Counseling for Mental Health and Wellness program last semester but I only took two electives. This semester I'm diving head first into this amazing new program and I couldn't be happier!

Usually I'm prepared for the semester way ahead of time but this time around I'm totally slacking. I haven't had the energy or patience to drive into the city. Tuesday I have to take an extra early train (I'm so NOT a train girl! I much prefer to drive down but when my classes are during rush hours I suck it up and train it) so I can get my new student ID before class. I also have to make a pit stop at th bookstore for m text books...and some more hoodies (I can't control myself around them! Warm snuggly oversized campus bookstore hoodies have always just screamed "BUY ME" at me!). I'm planning on making a quick trip to Walgreens after church today fo some notebooks.

However, I do have the really important stuff covered--manicure appointment and outfit ready. I'm a total dork and plan my school outfits for the week every weekend durin the semester. I have to! I realized this in undergrad. I went to a catholic high school where I wore a uniform so choosing outfits on a daily basis was never an issue for me. For the passed 5 years I've worked at a gym so all I wear to work is stretchies. In undergrad I was completely overwhelmed by the task of picking out daily outfits. It was too much of a process so all I wore to class was soffees, stretchies and hoodies. Most of the time, though, I hit the gym either righ before or right after class so 90% of the time I was just in gym clothes. Half that time I was even still sweaty from a workout...haha ew.

In grad school, especially in the city, people are just a tad more professional looking than sweaty gym clothes. Plus I only have class to days a week. I might as well dress somewhat presentable right? Besides, Dan is working close to my campus now so there will always be the chance of meeting for a bite to eat or taking the train home together. He wears a suit to work and there's nothing worse than looking like a sweaty lil bum next to a hottie business man. Not okay. I'll put in the littl extra effort on Sunday afternoons to lay out some outfit choices.

Random thought....I'm on day two of no carbs and so far haven't morphed into a psychobiatchh yet. Woo hoooo :)

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